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Architect Services

Architect Services are defined as the application of the skills and techniques to develop and design buildings, monuments, bridges, airports, metropolis, apartment complexes, condos and town homes. They are engaged by any one who needs construction or building works done for any residential, commercial or civic projects. Architect services may include landscape architecture, preconstruction staging, construction analysis, cost estimation, contract services, equipment and technical services, building maintenance and repair. There are different types of architects available who can perform architect services. Full-time, part-time, temporary, self employed or ownership are just a few of the available options. In case you want a single family residential property to be designed and built, you can count on the architect who can provide the complete package for you.

A licensed general contractor is an individual who has obtained a permit to carry out the various tasks involved in the building process as identified in the building permit. These individuals are responsible to ensure that all legal formalities are fulfilled and that the project complies with local and national building regulations. The architect on the other hand, possesses all of the skill and knowledge and is proficient in the field of engineering, construction and/or horticulture. He/she is the one who designs the structure, submits plans for it, makes structural, mechanical and electrical specifications, prepares the building permit, and makes sure that the building complies with the local and national building codes.

If you need to purchase or construct a single family residential property and the architect serves as your general contractor, you need to make sure that you get additional services from him besides the basic services mentioned above. You should request the architect to prepare full record drawings of the house. Such record drawings will include drawing of doorways, windows, interior partitions, exterior walls, landscaping, foundation and floor plans. These drawings will be essential for the approval of the construction license.

A builder’s engineer is the one who creates the full set of structural drawings including the foundation, roof, floor plan, steps of construction, specifications of materials and labor costs. A commercial planners or architects may also be required for the preparation of the building plan. In some states, these architects may also be called the structural engineers. It is not unusual for architects to have a number of years of experience. Some architects may even hold certifications, licenses and degrees which indicate their expertise and experience in specific fields related to their single family residential, commercial projects and/or other types of construction projects.

It is up to you to inquire from your chosen architect whether he/she offers any additional services that you may require. For instance, if you want to have your house plans approved by the local council, you should mention this requirement in your initial meeting with your architect. In this way, your architect will know what has to be included in the building plan, and will prepare it accordingly.

Architects also provide services such as drafting the plans for building foundations. This means that they determine the strength of the structure by evaluating the effects of gravity, resistance to change, and loadbearing capacity. If you are planning a single family residential project, the foundation may require support from steel columns. Again, your architect can help you determine the appropriate loadbearing capacity. In fact, many architects are involved in the preparation of building foundations and may even offer this additional service.

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